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What we're working with

PeakCommerce, previously Peak Portal, initally came to us to help with software development. They wanted to refine their product more by utilizing our software development skills. We worked on simplifying their software and implementing their ideas to bring their company to the next step.

After we had implemented their vision, they had a handful of complaints that although their product worked great, they visually wasn’t up to par with other companies. Taking it as a sign, Peak Portal decided to revisit their brand to make them seem more modern.


Our Approach

We begin each process talking with the client and nailing down their brand image in their head. We ask questions as to what audiences they want to appeal to and what messages they want to portray to the general public.

The first creative step is taking their notes and generating a mood board. We then cull and cull and cull until we get an extremely refined board and condensing the brief into keywords.

For Virgin River, these keywords were: grit + texture both with paper labels as well as visually, cleanliness, simplicity, white space, good colors, black and white, circular.


The Process

We create several different versions for the client to which they select which concept they prefer and move from there. We refine, refine and for good measure, refine once more! We ended with a concept that is clean and geometric.

We wanted the packaging to focus more on the natural aspect of the project by incorporating relief lines, gritty texture, and a heavy-textured label placed on a kraft cardboard box.


Choosing Type

To maintain a “field not es” feeling in the brand, Roboto Mono Medium is used as headline and body copy for all branding and communications. We used different weight of Robot o Mono to keep consistent within the brand.

When it came to the typography in the logo, we chose an entirely different font that evoked more of a modern feeling. Having contrasting a brand really balances out the feeling. We definitely didn’t want to be too nature-forward.


Color Theory

We made the decision t o have near-neutral colors as the over all brand. This is because we want ed to make sure these colors allowed the packaging colors to stand out.

The clients briefed us that they wanted all the color s involved in VR to be dusty. With the client, they provided a list of colors matching the scents and we broke out our handy-dandy Pantone booklet.


Review. Refine. Revisit.

Once we secured the art + visual direction, we wanted to make sure the brand overall was consistent and especially balanced! This included creating all forms of communications, mocking it up and viewing all of them together in one large white board (which is also our ping pong t able.. and conference table. Come by the office to check it out!)

We mark what needs to be refined or revisited, throw away some bad ideas, and incorporate untapped ideas until we end up with something we’d be proud to show our moms.


The Product

We were able to help PeakCommerce by integrating a number of new items to their existing software. On top of adding capabilities they previously weren’t allowed to do, we were able to skin their product and make it fully customizable for PeakCommerce’s users.

Additionally, we've integrated a dedicated IdP to the platform to secure user authentication and user da a. We've integrated 3rd-party API's to communicate and sync da ta between platforms.

Here’s a list of a few things we were able to help them with:

- Payment and Collections
- Account Management
- Subscription Management
- Web-to-Subscription Checkout
- Customer cohort administration
- Support management
- Partners, Sales Reps, and Customers easily manage subscriptions
- Fully Customizable Interface


The outcome

We typically begin projects with design, then the baton is passed to the developers for execution. (Sometimes we work at the same time!) Considering the needs of the client, we first began by executing heavier items with our software engineer.

After fixing bugs in the clients existing software and building on to it, we then moved on to visually making their product look good–while being even more functional!

The end product was a beautifully created brand that worked well, not only for PeakCommerce, but for their audience thus creating longer-lasting conversions.


What does the VR team think?

"Working with Konsist has been a rewarding experience, pushing our branding and brand experience far beyond expectation. The team has constantly provided beautiful designs and outstanding tech services. Highly recommend them!"
– Kevin Macey, Virgin River

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