Phillip K Smith III




Fine Art


An artist renowned for his diverse and dynamic artworks, Phillip K Smith sought to translate the immersive experience of his physical art into the digital realm. He turned to us, where we embarked on a journey together to deeply understand his artistic vision. Through close collaboration, we aimed to replicate the sensory richness and interactive essence of his physical gallery online, ensuring that each digital encounter resonates with the same impact and emotion as the physical experience.


What’s Already Established

When we were approached, PKS3 team already had a few things established: their ever-loved physical newsletter, that’s reminiscent of the standard newspaper. Considering the digital-forward world we’re engulfed in, we swooned over the design (created by FFF) and decided to carry it over digitally. Solid typography. Strong grid system.


Hands-On Experience

Our primary goal for every project is to become deeply familiar with the work. Beyond extensive online research, our team visited Philipp K. Smith’s studio, guided by the artist himself, to truly understand his vision.So yes – we had a field trip to Palm Desert!


Brand Refinement

With a clear vision of Smith’s art, we brainstormed ideas to translate the fluidity and depth of his work into a digital format. Our goal was to create an online experience that mirrored the transformative nature of his work. In order to do so, we began with creating a style guide for the overall brand.


Technical Implementation

Our developers brought the design to life, ensuring seamless navigation and functionality. We implemented advanced coding techniques to support the interactive elements and dynamic visuals.

Web Elements

In creating a captivating digital experience for Philipp K. Smith's art, we integrated essential web elements and graphics such as interactive checkboxes for personalized exploration, responsive sliders to showcase dynamic light changes, and smooth loading animations for seamless transitions.

Ensuring Consistency

Our name is Konsist for a reason! We ensured the design from FFF Studio translated seamlessly online. With bold and clean typography, a strong grid system, and a meticulous attention to detail, we made sure the visuals look stunning in both RGB and CMYK formats (see what we did there?)

Konsist-ency is key, and we deliver it flawlessly.


A Successful Digital Transformation

Our work with Philipp K. Smith successfully translated his dynamic work into a compelling online experience. By understanding his vision and maintaining a consistent design, we created an interactive gallery that captures the essence of his art. We strive to deliver quality digital solutions that bring artists' work to life in the digital space

Konsist is a team of creative geniuses who, in addition to stunning visual expertise, offer strategic, big picture thinking tailored to your needs (along with a better version of what you thought you wanted). The ease of communication and supportive environment doesn't hurt either.
Arlene Amick
Collection Management, The Art Collective

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