Palm Springs Art Museum - Public Programming


Brand Identity, Design System


Fine Art


The new era of Palm Springs Art Museum and design fundamentals inspired the intention and messaging behind these concepts.

With new things on the horizon for the museum, we wanted the Public Programming to reflect their exciting new direction. The exhilarating change is appealing to a new demographic with the guidance of their new executive director/CEO, Adam Lerner.

Together we've introduced new shapes and bold colors, ensuring our audiences-new and old-that the Palm Springs Art Museum is on the rise. We're absolutely excited for what's to come.


Mood board: a fat mood

We begin each process by talking with the client and nailing down their brand image in their head. We ask what audiences they want to appeal to and what messages they want to portray to the general public.

Our first creative step is using our meeting notes to compile a visual and conceptual mood board. We then collectively discuss, distill, and organize our ideas into a presentation for our client.


Take a step back

We create several approaches to propose to and discuss with the client. Once everyone shares the same vision, we refine, refine, and for good measure, refine once more!


Fill in the blank

Introducing The Underline. We incorporated this design element into the logo to allow personalization on behalf of The Art Collective.

Considering TAC incorporates almost all parts of the fine art business, primarily representing artists and collectors alike, we wanted The Underline to represent the connection between the two.


Choosing type

Not as easy as you think. We wanted to choose the perfect typeface that is bold, but not too weird. We tested numerous sans-serif fonts and made adjustments to see which works best for this brand.


Two entirely different colors

The two colors on the left? Not the same color. When creating branding for The Art Collective, we wanted to make it punchy! We wanted it bold, but not distractingly so. A quick and often overlooked solution is to tone down the intensity of black; a black that is a few shades lighter than True Black is easier on the eyes.


Look back at it

Once we secured the art+visual direction, we ensured the brand, as a whole, was consistent and balanced.

We ended up with a bold, upfront, and striking typographic logo


Explain the process to emphasize the value

As problem-solvers, we understand the importance of highlighting the process. It helps remind everyone that good and effective work is the result of thoughtful and deliberate actions.

We don't create for our clients—we create for our clients' clients. In this case, we walked in the shoes of the artist whom The Art Collective will represent. By illustrating the creative process of artist Phillip K. Smith III, we've unveiled intrinsic value in his works that many would otherwise overlook.


Take it personal

The Art Collective did not want their artist profile pages to be the impersonal bulleted lists of accomplishments, which has become the norm. Instead, TAC wanted each artist profile to be an experience that connects the visitor with the artist.

Personal Quote
Creative Process
Purchase Artwork

Integrated calendar

To help The Art Collective save time on securing consultations, we developed an online scheduling system that syncs with their work calendars.


Mobile first

Considering most users view websites on their phones, we first designed it in mobile and then scaled to larger devices once we'd secured the look and feel.


Schedule, anywhere

Appointments can be scheduled directly through the website, not requiring the visitor to write an email or make a phone call. It couldn't be easier.

Konsist is a team of creative geniuses who, in addition to stunning visual expertise, offer strategic, big picture thinking tailored to your needs (along with a better version of what you thought you wanted). The ease of communication and supportive environment doesn't hurt either.
Arlene Amick
Collection Management, The Art Collective

Collective thoughts

We set out to create something functional, beautiful, and easily translatable to the art world. We succeeded in this, developing The Art Collective into a brand that is bold and direct without overshadowing the art and artists they represent.