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Approached by a dynamic duo with a strong love of nature, Konsist was tasked with the responsibility to rework Virgin River Natural's existing brand and bring it to the spotlight it deserves.

This process involved countless revisions, a ton of coffee, a lot of paper sampling, and a ton of burned wicks.


What we're working with

We were inspired to make a natural product line after many travels through the western United States. We fell in love with the idea of river waters carving canyons deep into the seemingly immovable earth. One of these rivers, the Virgin River, has carved out the landscape of southern Utah for millions of years, bringing shape sand colors to life. We wanted to share our glimpse of the unreal and incredibly spectacular red rock scenery created by the Virgin River. Simple, natural, and beautiful.


Our approach

We begin each process by talking with the client and nailing down their brand image in their head. We ask questions about which audiences they want to appeal to and what messages they want to portray to the general public.

The first creative step is taking their notes and compiling a mood board. We then cull and cull and cull until we get an extremely refined board and condensing the brief into keywords.

For Virgin River, these keywords were: gritty, textured, clean, simple, ample white space, colorful.


The process

We create several different versions for the client to select which concept they prefer and move from there. We refine, refine and, for good measure, refine once more! We ended with a concept that is clean and geometric.

We wanted the packaging to focus more on the natural aspect of the project by incorporating relief lines, gritty texture, and a heavy-textured label on a kraft cardboard box.


Choosing type

To maintain a “field notes” feeling in the brand, We chose Roboto Mono Medium as the headline and body typeface family.

When it came to the typography in the logo, we chose an entirely different font that evoked more of a modern feeling: Mostra Nuova Bold. Having contrasting font for this brand  balances out the feeling between nature and design.

After picking the typeface for the logo, we adjusted baselines, font-weights, and letters such as G to better represent our concepts.


Color Theory

We decided to use near-neutral colors as a foundation for each packaging color to stand out.

The clients wanted all the colors involved in Virgin River Naturals to be dusty. They provided a list of colors they felt best matched the scents while we brought out our handy-dandy Pantone booklet.


Review. Refine. Revisit.

Once we secured the art + visual direction, we wanted to make sure the brand overall was consistent and especially balanced! This included creating all forms of communications, mocking it up and viewing all of them together in one large whiteboard (which is also our ping pong table.. and conference table. Come by the office to check it out!)

We mark what needs to be refined or revisited, throw away some bad ideas, and incorporate untapped ideas until we end up with something we’d be proud to show our moms.


For reuse

Virgin River wanted to make sure their products remain useful after the wax is gone. In the photoshoot, we inserted cotton swabs and cotton balls in the empty container to show customers that their product is multipurpose.


What does the VR team think?

"Working with Konsist has been a rewarding experience, pushing our branding and brand experience far beyond expectation. The team has constantly provided beautiful designs and outstanding tech services. We highly recommend them!"
– Kevin Macey, Virgin River

The outcome

Soon after launch, Virgin River moved production from California to the actual Virgin River in Southwest Utah. This move was to be continuously surrounded by what inspired them in the first place.

This project had a lot of moving components. The owners innovated their candles without stopping production while we developed their new brand. The client is happy with the results—a look compatible with the ethics and quality of Virgin River Naturals.

We ended up with a sleek brand matching VR’s ethics and morals.

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